Hey guys! Im gonna be writing my story! So first im gonna be putting the name here and ur gonna edit to put ur name there for which character u want to be. :) The story im gonna be writing is Trip to Hawaii with R5!". So here are the names of the charaters......

Alex- ( Name here )

Cat- ( Cat Valentine1 )

Jade-( Name here )

Lizzy- ( Name here )

Tori- ( Name here )

Alyssa- ( Name here )

Cathy- ( Name here)

Morgan-( Name here)

Melody-(Name here)

Kacey-(Name here)

Laura-(Name here)

Amanda-(Name here)

Elizabeth-(Name here)

Lola-(Name here)

Here are the names :) oh and for notice, im not using all that names. im just letting u guys pick ur charaters u want to be :)